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We ensure high value servicing to entrepreneurs and companies to produce cosmetic products, supplementary suppliment products and beverage products. We are also very attentive in providing customer service to all our clients.

Grow up your company by building your own products and brand with us. We are delightful to realize your dream of building your own OEM product.

Our Services

Brand Strategy

ensuring product that will be built able to compete in world wide market.

Graphic design

Designs are assisted to ensure the product outlook design fits the custom and regulations packaging.


we provide free consultation.


products build are within Good Manufacturing Practices ( GMP ) specification.


Early product samples ready to be made in 7 days.


we do provide certification of the product such as Food Registration, MAL, NOT, Halal etc

Building OEM Product for Your Nation Supply

There are many variation of OEM products available, majority have suffered difficulty in some form, by facing wrong formulae, or randomized ingredients which dont look even slightly believable.

If you are going to build your own OEM product and brand,  you need to be sure and crystal clear of your ingredients. Do contact us, our department of RND is ready to be connected.

UMZBioline Sdn Bhd provides service to local and global entrepreneurs in developing and manufacturing OEM products.

Unlike other manufacturer, UMZBioline Sdn Bhd supplies ingredient which is organic based herbs which enhances products quality and clarity. We also helps our clients for documentation and clarification from Ministry of Health, Halal and HAACP.

Our Certification

Types of OEM Products That We Offer

Halal Oem Suppliments

Halal OEM Suppliments & Sport Nutrition

Halal Oem Cosmetic

Halal Oem Cosmetic

Halal Oem Beverages

Halal Oem Beverages

Halal Oem Beauty and Health

4 Easy Steps To Build Your Own OEM Product

halal oem discussion


Set up a meeting through online email or whatsapp or set up an appointment at our local branch office or other place which convenient both party. 

Meeting of both party discussing and negotioating of price, MOQ , formulae and ingredient of the  specific OEM product.

halal oem formulation


After the discussion has been agreed, we will proceed to research and provide product samples

To get the best and optimum standards, this process is usually repeated thoroughly to achieve the effectiveness of one product.

halal oem production


We will begin processing and production based on agreed MOQ earlier. We will also provide documentation and certification for the product to make it easier for future references and ready to be sold on market.

Halal OEM About


Delivery process will be handled carefully once the MOQ requested is  succesfully produced. The method of shipping within local or International will be guided by custom and regulation to ensure safety of the product.

Meet The Team

Our Consultant

Halal Oem Afnan
Mr. Afnan
Halal OEM Norzaitullizam
Ms. Norzaitullizam

List of Our OEM Product

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Our Cosmetic Factory

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Our Outlet

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